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Breifing Paper Link – How Unions Help All Workers Building a Better Life SEIU Local 226 is emerging as a growing power in the service industry and an important proponent of  low wage and immigrant worker rights.  At the center of the Local’s mission is a deep commitment to building a better life for working families. SEIU Local 226 believes that hard work should be rewarded and that all who contribute to this nation’s progress should share in its prosperity. Members Page Link

Leading The Way

Local 226 of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) represents nearly 1500 service workers in the Omaha, NE Metro area in six school districts. We have 15 contracts representing different areas of those school districts including Food-Service, Paraprofessionals, Transportation, Custodial, and Secretarial workers in Bellevue, District 66, Millard, Omaha Public Schools, Papillion/LaVista, and Ralston.

Taking an Organizing Lead

Our Negotiating teams are busy working hard to better our contracts. If you have any suggestions or concerns please contact the Local’s Office at 733-8775 and pass them on. Without input from you, our negotiating teams don’t have information they need to negotiate the best contracts they can. Your input is of vital importance, don’t miss your chance to have a voice in your next contract!

Seniority Lists

If you would like a copy of your seniority list please contact the office at or call 733-8775 and a copy can be mailed out to you.


Robo Calling

Because mail is not always a fast, efficient way to contact union members, we have recently started using a Robo calling system to contact union members about important information such as contract ratification votes, upcoming meetings, and other urgent issues.  Messages will only consist of reminders of important contract and other union information.

If you have changed your phone number please call our office and provide us with an update so that we can make sure we have the most up to date information on file to reach you.

The system will call you 4 times in an attempt to reach you, please listen or let it go to voice mail. If you do not want to receive these important phone calls you can listen to the message and opt out at the end just listen to the prompts or contact the office and we will remove you from the listing.

Please do not call the office after you receive a Robo call as no additional information will be available.

***Please note phone numbers will not be given out to any companies or promotional sites.



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