Executive Board Contact Listing

Member Name District Title Phone (cell)
Suzy Anderson OPS President (402) 510-0657
Brian Stenzel WCS Vice President (402) 514-7758
Mary Miller OPS Financial Secretary (402) 637-1272
Theresa Trompke OPS Recording Secretary (402) 939-9828
Otto Stennis OPS Chief Steward (402) 510-0931
Responsibilities include Bellevue Nutrition Services, Bellevue Paraprofessionals, OPS Operations, OPS Transportation and any other matters that come along.
Sharon Block OPS Asst. Chief Steward (531) 222-6803
Responsibilities include OPS Paraprofessionals, OPS Office Personnel, OPS Nutrition Services, and any other matters that come along.
Doug Bush OPS Asst. Chief Steward (402) 510-0764
Responsibilities include Papillion/LaVista Paraprofessionals, Papillion/LaVista Clerical, Ralston Nutrition Services and Ralston Custodians and any other matters that come along.
Vanessa Curet MPS Asst. Chief Steward (402) 214-0220
Responsibilities include Papillion/LaVista Custodial, Papillion/LaVista Maintenance, Westside Nutrition Services and Westside Building Services and any other matters that come along.
Steve Owens OPS Asst. Chief Steward (402) 514-7749
Responsibilities include Millard Custodian/Maintenance, OPS Operations, and any other matters that come along.
Tom Bush OPS Trustee (402) 510-1446
Calvin Munsinger PLV Trustee (402) 238-8393
Lorrie Thompson OPS Trustee (402) 964-2121
Bill Koudele OPS Sergeant At Arms (402) 399-9660
Executive Board Representatives
H. Janine Burrow BPS BPS Paraprofessionals (402) 293-5547
Sharon Knott BPS BPS Food Service (402) 502-0469
VACANT BPS BPS Transportation N/A
Sophia Moreno MPS MPS Operations (402) 707-5159
VACANT MPS MPS Maintenance N/A
Mark Freis PLV PLV Custodians (402) 896-5960
Ray Glesmann PLV PLV Maintenance (402) 401-1908
Roberta Oleson OPS OPS Nutrition (402) 590-7116
VACANT OPS OPS Office Personnel N/A
Laurie Davis OPS OPS Operations (402) 706-3506
Cindy Perez OPS OPS Paraprofessional (402) 981-9032
Beverly Taylor OPS OPS Transportation (612) 750-2604
Steven Rys WCS WCS Custodial (402) 706-0198
Melody Collins WCS WCS Food Service (319) 883-0439
Ron Rawlings  OPS  Ethics Liaison  (402) 554-1789
Updated 4-8-2018


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